The meaning of the flag |

The meaning of the flag

Dear Editor:

I wasn’t going to respond to Donald Theiss’ letter in the Aspen Daily News issue on July 20, but after my visit to the VA in Grand Junction on July 21, I had to!

Don, I agree with you about the lies we have been fed by government officials during every administration we have ever had, but I don’t agree with you on flag waving. It is a symbol of our freedom and our rights!

I was sitting waiting my turn to see my primary doctor when a number of men in powered wheelchairs passed me, and some of them had little American flags stuck upright on the backs of their wheelchairs, and I thought of you and your letter. Even though they are in wheelchairs they still show respect for our flag and its meaning, so please, Don, don’t turn your feelings against our flag; it is innocent of wrongdoing!

You, I and every vet who served under that flag did so because of what politicians did in one way or another! The lies of Bush/Cheney have cost almost 5,000 military people their lives and about 21,000 wounded! Have you noticed, Don, that lying politicians can get us into war but none of them can get us out?

You ended your letter with God bless America, Don, and I say the same, but want to add God bless every vet including you and me who served under that flag!

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Chris Tessem


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