The mean streets of Aspen |

The mean streets of Aspen

Dear Editor:

I hope everyone has signed up for handgun instruction from Sheldon Fingerman. I hope everyone has started to glance over their shoulder as they walk the streets of Aspen.

Because, as everyone knows, living in Aspen can be a dangerous liability. You just never know, when you turn from Mill Street onto Puppy Smith, what dangers may lurk: hoodlums in groups hanging around the post office with guns in their pockets, predators waiting for you in the alley behind Use It Again, “overgrown rats” by the dumpsters ready at just about any time to tear you limb from limb.

I say, better sign up and start carrying that gun, especially if you have little children to protect. Or perhaps the main thing we have to fear is a life lived in fear. That can be a crippling thing. It makes you put pictures of handguns in the paper and makes you think that we are going to be safer if everyone in our mountain town is armed. Come on, Sheldon, you’ve had more enlightened moments!

Claire McDougall

Woody Creek

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