The masters have won |

The masters have won

Another great column. Why do you want to rock the boat in this little pond of Paradise? “Allocation of resources” means “how can we get more for us.” What is U.S. foreign policy but a way to extract the maximum amount of wealth from the world?

The World Bank, IMF, Export Credit and other organizations work to rip open countries to multinational corporations that destroy local economies and suck them dry.

Why else would we need some 14 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers except to smack anybody that doesn’t play the game? (As they say in the Navy: “to project the power of the U.S.”)

U.S. domestic politics then works to concentrate that wealth in the fewest possible hands. The Aspen Institute is a cover group for elites to smooth the process along. (Hasn’t it always been so?)

This group of panelists are so far removed from any notions of liberal democracy, that your question must have seemed to be in some Martian language, not of this earth.

Madeleine Albright seems like such an unlikely choice for the Secretary of State of the world’s most powerful country, until you realize she is an absolutely amoral tool of the elite.

I’m sure you remember her being asked about the 500,000 children killed in Iraq: “a price WE have to pay.” (I keep wondering why the Holocaust didn’t create a greater sense of empathy and humanity.)

They don’t get it. And you are right, Aspen has become a symbol of world domination. These monster homes are the spoils of battle, the castles. The Hummers are the chariots. The masters have made Aspen their safe and picturesque retreat.

Pat Hunter


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