The master keys to partying |

The master keys to partying

Dear Editor:After mulling over Basalt High School’s Anne Marie Bielinski’s letter, “Wanted: Dance spot for teens” (Letters, March 2), I decided to enlighten her and her peers who want to party and have dance places (venues) appropriate for them to attend.First, look around you a little bit closer to realize that if the adults around you were hip back in their day you would not have the partying problems you face in the present. In fact, Aspen teenagers in the 1970s had the same problem you face today: nowhere to dance.Second, when I was in high school in New York City, those under 18 years of age had so many discos, private house parties, community center dances, high school dances and church dances to go to.Third, when I was in high school, my friends and I partied in much of the vast New York City Metropolitan Area because we were willing to travel and make many new friends wherever we were willing to go. And weather conditions and distances never stopped us.I am surprised Jimmy’s and the Belly Up let people under 21 years old into their establishments. The Aspen Liquor Authority should be very concerned about this business practice.I know there are Denver nightclubs, serving liquor, which have occasions for accommodating those under 21 years of age by either having special nights just for their market segment or issuing different colored wristbands to underage clients. There are even nights for just high schoolers.Booze nightclubs that cater to a mix of legal drinking age clientele and an under 21 clientele have liabilities concerning underage drinking problems and possible statutory rape problems (concerning those clients under 18 years old).Last, when I was in high school, teenagers took the initiative to create their own dance places. They did not whine about not having places to go to dance. Isn’t what the raves out there in the woodlands of Los Angeles are all about? White teenagers did similar things in Denver’s suburbs in the latter 1970s.Within my letter are some of the master keys to partying which are useful throughout ones life.So Anne Marie Bielinski, do not be lame like so many around you, old and young, go out and party like I did at your age and can still do at my age. (Oh! My birthday was March 5.) Do not be lame like the dying Aspen party scene and nightclub scene. Also do not be stuck-up and hard-headed like many of the unhip in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley who think they have something going on but don’t.Once you know how to truly party, you will never lose your perspective on what is really happening.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen