The Marks message |

The Marks message

Dear Editor:

When running for mayor Marilyn Marks’ slogan was “She Means Business.”

And in recent weeks she has openly mocked those of us who posed for the “Save Snow” photograph for International Climate Change Day – taking us to task for not marketing Aspen “properly” by sending out the “wrong message” to the world. And on Tuesday she, again, loudly and publicly criticized the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s marketing “strategies” and wrote boldly of Aspen’s “declining popularity” in the paper.

Now I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but I’m not so sure Ms. Marks is the go-to gal, these days, for advice about how to market anything – let alone Aspen. After all, what is Marks’ plan to “properly market” her “declining popularity” because of the bad “strategies” and “wrong messages” she’s been sending out to the world?

Oh, sure you say, she has a pretty handy excuse, what with her problems juggling her duties as an international “election integrity expert” and those as puppeteer of the Aspen Election Commission (you just can’t get good help these days …). Well, perhaps such excuses exist but I cannot find it fair for her first solution to be to take it out on the rest of us or on ACRA.

Why should Aspen’s business suffer because Marilyn Marks is looking for excuses? I mean, unless she means to amend her campaign message to “Marilyn Marks, She Means Bad Business,” you know, for the next campaign.

Jack Johnson


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