The magnificent 11 have spoken |

The magnificent 11 have spoken

Dear Editor:


It is great to read “Basalt residents rally to support police chief” (The Aspen Times, Wednesday).

It is marvelous that 11 decent Basalt residents appeared at the recent Basalt Town Council session to openly express and show their support for Basalt Police Chief Roderick O’Connor. What a most powerful television show that must have been for all to see and hear.

Let me galvanize more Basalt residents into action in more than one way for the town’s benefit because O’Connor’s state of affairs turns into a talisman and a catalyst for Basalt residents to improve their collective well-being.

I am certain the Town Council and its backers felt the rock-solid dignity, accumulating pressure and the volcanic heat from the magnificent 11 who knowingly acknowledged that they represent hundreds in the town of Basalt. They are the vanguard of the Basalt superstorm in the days to come.

The Magnificent 11’s voices for unfettered town government transparency is just, powerful and resonates with many.

Colorado Open Records Act, Colorado Sunshine Law, and Colorado Sunshine Act on the lips of Basalt citizens will guarantee public access to records. The openness, accountability and honesty, even with government meetings, are your Colorado rights to government transparency, in which government is obligated to share information with its citizens. In this case it is the town of Basalt.

So I will expect the citizens of Basalt to discharge their sacred citizenship and civic duties with vim, vigor and vitality by also getting the political party leaders and their party hacks in Pitkin County and Eagle County to openly support, with dynamic efforts, the Basalt supporters of Basalt Chief Roderick O’Connor.

Vox populi, vox Dei. (The voice of the people is the voice of God). This is a saying in Latin. Did you learn Latin in school?

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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