The law, the law, the law |

The law, the law, the law

Dear Editor:I like this quote by Aspen Police Chief Loren Ryerson: “Are we targeting kitchen workers? No. We’re targeting people who are choosing to sell drugs.” (Aspen Times, Dec. 21)There we go, it isn’t about race or ethnic origin – it’s about crime! Tada! The law is the law is the law…..So are the illegal alien criminals, the ones Ryerson mentions here “… (that) have no local ties except for their place of business… they were just plying their trade in the restaurants…” also arrested for being illegal here? (Misdemeanor crime under U.S. Code: TITLE 8. ALIENS AND NATIONALITY, Section 1325: Improper entry by aliens)If so, these unlawful residents will also be deported following completion of their jail sentence. If they were not arrested for illegal U.S. entry, these unlawful residents will be released onto our Colorado streets after serving their sentencesIn the end, it is the law, the law, the law. Please uphold it. All the way around.Marty LichGypsum

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