The last defense

Dear Editor:Rather than spend productive energy discussing the issues regarding Iran and Israel, my opponents would rather focus on me personally, hoping their attack strategy will make me cower and disappear from public view. In the past few years, I have been baited many times into diverting from the issues to defend myself, but this will be the very last time. After this, other letter writers (and journalists) can be just as malicious as they want while I continue to address the issues with facts and sources.First, I don’t hate Jews. I don’t have any issue with Jews except in relation to debating the policies of Israel. My criticism of Israel has nothing to do with the Judaic religion or culture. It is strictly a concern for peace and justice in the region, which will in turn provide peace and safety for America.Second, I believe Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself from attack. What I don’t agree with is Israel’s theft of Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, and Syrian land, and their barbaric apartheid policy.Third, I don’t support Holocaust denial or defend anyone who promotes it. Frankly I find the whole issue not even worth discussing. Who cares if a few kooks believe the Holocaust didn’t happen? Every rational person knows it did.Last, I want to thank my supporters as well as those opponents who through intelligent dialogue have contributed to a debate that I believe is very critical to America’s future. Now, back to the issues … please.Sue GrayCarbondale