The karmic conundrum |

The karmic conundrum

Dear Editor:Michael Lilledal’s Aug. 13 letter is a prime example of why we need voter IQ tests. None so misinformed should be allowed the franchise. Seeing a fictional motion picture, even twice, should not suffice as the extent of one’s political education.He does make one accurate point, though: The mainstream media filters far too much of the graphic violence from the news. For example, when was the last time you saw the video of office workers in the Trade Center towers with their skin on fire and melting off their bones jumping from 100 floors above the pavement in order to achieve a quicker death? That footage hasn’t aired since a few hours after 9/11.Or how about the video of American civilians screaming as their jugulars are sliced open, and until their heads become too far separated from their torsos? Try finding that kind of reality TV!If you can’t find at least one decent reason to replace a maniacal dictator committed to terrorizing the United States by any means possible including, among other things, nuclear weapons, you just aren’t trying. (That’s right, read the 9/11 report regarding Saddam’s efforts to obtain uranium from, among other places, Niger, which is one reason Joe Wilson, the bumbling ambassador, has since been abandoned by Hanoi John’s campaign).But please don’t worry about Bush filling his pockets. I can only guess you are referring to the idiotic oil-for-war theory. It may fit nicely on a bumper sticker, but it otherwise makes no sense, seeing as we turned the oil fields over to the Iraqis, and the current price of oil does not exactly reflect any increased U.S. control of the supply, which would be expected were we to have actually taken control of any oil under some heretofore unexplained corporate or governmental program. As for the central theme of the movie – the Saudis leaving the country with the help of Bush, even Richard Clarke admits this is false (it was in fact his decision). This blows a major hole in the movie, not to mention your reasons for voting for someone other than Bush. Lastly, don’t fret too much about any outstanding trade imbalance with the Chinese. Despite what the media spoon feeds you, this is not a sign of economic weakness, but in fact a sign of the far superior standard of living in the United States (hence greater consumption of goods), and the safety of our economy for investors. And the last time we engaged a communist nation in an economic battle, it crumbled, freeing a few hundred million people in the process.My advice is that you take the next 80 days to ponder the karmic conundrum of whether you have the fortitude and intelligence to think independently, watch (and read!) critically, and to cast your undeserved vote with the leader who will do the most to try to keep you and your family from appearing on any grisly Al-Jazeera videos (or as a statistic on CNN). Michael C. Ford Scottsdale, Ariz.

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