The Jeffrey Dahmer of animal abuse |

The Jeffrey Dahmer of animal abuse

Dear Editor:

This is my first letter to the editor, but I was so outraged to hear how Michael Vick had treated these poor, helpless, innocent dogs. The fact that he disposed of his less “aggressive dogs” by means of electrocution, hanging and drowning makes him the Jeffrey Dahmer of animal manslaughter. He is nothing less than a serial killer and should be treated as such in the legal system. The fact that he may get away with serving only 12 to 18 months is abhorrent!

However, he did apologize to his family, friends and “those people he may have hurt.” Ironically, no remorseful words were spoken about the countess dogs who were killed in the most obscene ways. Investigators also found (in his mansion) 68 dogs and a “rape board,” where he tied aggressive females dogs for the sole purpose of breeding. I can only hope that he is repeatedly raped in prison, so that he can finally experience what his female dogs had to undergo countless times.

Just because he is/was an NFL star, he should receive no special treatment. I don’t care that he treated his family and teammates with compassion and respect. This man has serious problems, and should be regarded as serial killer. Like most serial killers he deserves no less than life in prison.

Melissa Allen



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