The inside scoop on snow polo |

The inside scoop on snow polo

Dear Editor:

Andrew M. Israel, I looked you up in the phone book to answer all of your questions about snow polo, but you’re not listed (“Nothing against snow polo, but … ” letters, Oct. 29, 2011, The Aspen Times).

Here is my phone number: (970) 355-9811. I’d be more than happy to prove to you that snow polo is a fantastic event that brings hundreds of people to Aspen – instead of St. Moritz – or perhaps we could send you last year’s eight-page, full color Aspen newspaper wrap of biographies of each player, their patrons and their sponsoring companies.

I’m sure you’ve heard of such entities as Audi, Beluga, Bombay Sapphire, etc. These people bring their friends and family to watch them compete in the World Snow Polo Championships, which is the only snow polo event in North America.

During the hours that snow polo is not being played, these people are shopping in Aspen stores, dining in Aspen restaurants, skiing Aspen slopes, using Aspen cabs, sleeping in Aspen hotels. The event starts on Thursday and people generally depart the valley on Monday.

As for the White House crashers, we certainly should not judge a decade of snow polo because of a couple, who across the nation, has been less than decent. So, we promise to pick up the horse manure, and we have people that will help us insure the damage to Rio Grande is minimal. Please do call me with any more of your concerns. We’d be pleased to send you VIP tickets to get you in the tent. Perhaps your female friends would enjoy hanging out with Ralph Lauren models.

Geneve Kashnig

New Castle

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