The insanity of the GOP |

The insanity of the GOP

Dear Editor:

Where is a Republican who can speak with some type of sanity? What has happened to the Republican party? Just how stupid do the Republicans think the American people are?

The cloud of gloom and doom over universal health care to preserve the wealthy coffers of the health care barons I can understand. I can even understand Rush Bimbo as he spews the ridiculous crap that is sucked up like the blood of life for many Republicans as he counts his $50 million contract to keep spewing it out. Their insanity has no bounds as they question Obama’s birth certificate demanding he is not an American citizen. We say have they no shame and I say definitely not.

They even still to this day defend Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign in shame with all his reckless behavior now laid before us in tapes for everyone to hear. Their total rule of the past eight years has proven that conservatism means drive the country into a black hole of debt and deficits as far as the mind can imagine. While they bankrupt America to fill the coffers of the least in need. Just how much more of this insanity can America stand?

The current health care bill should not be influenced by their insanity and Democrats should stand firm with the American people who spoke loud and clear this past election.

Jim Childers

New Castle

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