The important issues |

The important issues

Dear Editor:

The other evening, I answered questions for a survey I assume was to educate as well as inquire about the need for affordable housing for the school district, the hospital, RFTA, Aspen Skiing Co., the city, etc. When asked what I felt were the three most pressing issues in this valley, I replied affordable housing, mass transit (what happened to the train?), and affordable retail spaces where all these employees (and their employers) can go to shop for underwear, get their shoes repaired, go to a walk-in clinic that is in town rather than at the hospital, dine, drink, dance and generally have fun.

Who is going to stay in a place where one feels like a marble rattling around in a shoe box ” a cold, uninviting, exclusive, soulless white city? The landlords aren’t going to address this issue. Who is?

Pat Milligan


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