The importance of World Cup |

The importance of World Cup

Dear Editor:

I’d like to express my appreciation to the Aspen Skiing Co. and John Rigney for Monday’s Aspen Times article on the Skico’s ongoing commitment to World Cup ski racing.

I was one of the people who stomped on the company with both feet when it gave up the races back in the mid-’90s. Some of the quotes from Skico officials at the time demonstrated a lack of understanding of the importance of the event within the community and the significant contributions of many volunteers and local businesses other than the Skico to pull it off.

As a volunteer involved in the event since the early ’80s, I definitely understand that it is the Aspen Skiing Co. that contributes the most in terms of resources and hard cash to stage the World Cup here. That burden has become even greater as the cost of the event has gone up even as the economy and skier visits has gone into stall mode. It is clear to me that the Skico management better understands the season-long benefit of the exposure World Cup brings in the world-wide skiing community and Europe in particular.

My course crew is in charge of putting down the bright blue dye lines that help the racers see the terrain in poor light and weather conditions. Bad weather and heavy snow tend to put us into the red zone on the pressure gauge with the race officials so we’re hoping for good weather for the race events. I realize heavy snow brings in reservations and more skiers later on, so I think we’ll just agree to disagree on what kind of weather we’d like for the television coverage.

Jay Hammond

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