The Iguana’s mug: It’s not just for beer anymore |

The Iguana’s mug: It’s not just for beer anymore

Paul Conrad
Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times

It’s made of glass, it’s heavy and it’s bulky. This is no piece of backpacking gear. But who needs to carry it around when you can leave it at the bar?

One of my favorite beer mugs is one I bought from Iguana’s at the base of Aspen Highlands several winters ago. The beauty of it is you buy it, fill it with your beer of choice and never have to worry about who drank from the glass before you. It’s yours and no one else’s.It also works great for chocolate milk, coffee, water or whatever your favorite beverage may be. But it’s really for beer. (Hence the name beer stein.)It holds up well under the “Barney Rule.” Having dropped it several times, I’ve never noticed a nick, crack or ding of any type. A good thing when you’ve gone beyond the one-too-many limit. It also has a handy crosshatched thumb rest for wannabe thumb wrestlers waiting for their next challenge (or for the drinker who needs a little extra something to hang onto).

Another cool feature of the Iguana’s mug is the graphic of a drunken lizard nearly spilling a martini. Kudos to the designer who made that one up. Who hasn’t felt like this spiny reptile before? This mug is a must for spermophobics (fearing germs), Highlands’ regulars or a combination of both. It’s always clean and ready to be filled. It gives you peace of mind, as you know it will be there the next time you visit.And at the end of the ski season? You get to take it home and enjoy the many benefits of mug ownership. Use it for whatever your heart desires. A change cup, a coffee mug, a Presidents Day gift, or a souvenir of your Aspen stay. Or best of all, to indulge in another tasty adult beverage.

Try one out at the Highlands’ end-of-season party. I’ll be there, pushing my mug to its limits and enjoying the results.

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