The idiot’s solution |

The idiot’s solution

(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud.)

I first came to Aspen in l969. They had apparently paved Aspen’s Main Street for the first time about a year-before my arrival. Any idiot could see that Highway 82 was two lanes and that Main Street was four lanes.

Now, any idiot can see that Highway 82 is going to be four-laned right up to Aspen’s doorstep, with the exception of a few hundred yards from the roundabout to 7th Street to remain two lanes.

Any idiot can see that both the “straights” and the “curveds” could win if you simply (idiotly) make them two lanes, but one-way each: the Marolt “straight” shot would be two lanes one way into town and the S-curves would be one way of two lanes out of town.

The S-curves are already there, so why get rid of them? You’re probably going to get the damned Marolt “straight shot” anyhow because you’ve already voted for it in the past. Why not use the idiot’s solution and keep and use them both and end up with four lanes all the way.

Doc Philip

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