The hits keep coming |

The hits keep coming

Dear Editor:

I fully understand a mother’s need to defend her son, but Su, your column (Oct. 13, 2010) really made me laugh. As you learned so many years ago about the memory of the Internet, Jack learns again today about the accessibility and permanence of public records. Once they’re there, they’re there forever!

Your exaggeration was cute, but we both know I was not “outed” for my association with the website When the Daily News called me last Friday to inquire about the site, I saw a great PR opportunity and proudly admitted my involvement. Can’t beat a front-page article to promote the site! Domains by proxy would not reveal the website’s registration, but I owned up because I am proud to share these examples of Jack in action as a public service to the Pitkin County community. The names of my 11 co-consipirators remain private.

I am particularly amused by your obsessions with the IP address of the website, vociferously attributing it to Marilyn Marks. It’s actually the IP address of a commercial web hosting platform, SquareSpace Inc. ( This NYC-based service powers tens of thousands of sophisticated websites, according to their home page. (I’m sure Marilyn wishes she owned that company. We should all be so lucky!) A real journalist would have simply gone to their site and learned this!

And as for Rob Ittner’s reaction to the site, he did indeed ask me to take it down last week. Jack knows this because he was copied on the same e-mail. I explained to Rob that the site has nothing to do with him or his campaign, and my right to publish this truthful information about Jack is well within the rights of every American under the First Amendment of our Constitution. It’s the same right you have, Su, to write your column. And, no, Rob does not “control” his donors. It’s not his nor yours nor anyone’s responsibility to “control” others, especially when they are simply exercising their constitutional rights. This is America, not a police state.

I must also remind you two that government transparency is a legal mandate. Individuals being transparent (or not) about their personal and private dealings is not. To equate the two is ignorant. The private sector is just that, private. The fact that you don’t understand the difference between the private and public sectors and the rights and obligations of each is further indication of why Aspen must keep Jack from any position of quasi-judicial authority. Public servants and the government work for the people, not the other way around.

Have a wonderful fall day in Aspen.

Elizabeth Milias


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