The heart-shaped lake |

The heart-shaped lake

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Sanitation District is emptying a lake next to RFTA on Highway 82. When my family is driving to school from El Jebel we go the back way on McLain Flats near Rio Grande Trail and we love seeing the lake on our way to Aspen Elementary School.

It always joys us up to see the lake but suddenly we were going to school and we saw the lake; it had a tractor next to it and after we had passed it I said, “They’re doing something to the heart-shaped lake,” and my mom replied, “What are they doing?” I said “We passed it, we’ll see it tomorrow.” A night passed and we saw it again; every day it was getting dirtier and losing its shape. We went to go see it after school and talked to someone at the lake. His name was Nathan and he said that they’re cleaning the lake and it might change shape.

I wrote this letter because my family is going to miss seeing the heart-shaped lake before we go to school each day and I hope the Aspen Sanitation District reads this letter and tries to keep the shape of the lake like a heart.

Olivia Krys, 8 years old

El Jebel

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