The health of the youth |

The health of the youth

Dear Editor:

I can’t help but feel that these sister mountains of ours have produced, as a result of endless natural beauty, a high moral, economic and educational standard. In the warm community of the Roaring Fork Valley, some of the most outstanding and exceptional people are younger than 30. But where are we?

I’ve been compelled to volunteer my time writing to the Aspen newspapers, as I am a daily participant of these commentaries. I have developed a sense of responsibility to my community, my peers and myself, and I appreciate the opportunity to respectfully call upon and demonstrate the courage of your convictions. However, before I ask you to contemplate upon yours, my own is as follows:

I care about my well-being. I am not selfish for saying so; in fact, on the contrary. By acknowledging that I am a living, breathing, loving, feeling creature that deserves happiness and emotional wellness via the good works of mine own hands, I am able to recognize that happiness rests in yours, too. I care about your well-being.

The lifestyle in Aspen for the people younger than 30, especially during the ski season, seldom leaves for many dignified mornings. The alcohol overindulgences I’ve participated in are dangerous. The drugs flow like wine. Sex is easy, and everybody is extremely attractive. Reputations are formed early and difficult to modify once established. I’m telling you: We might be of high moral, economic and educational fibers, but good Lord, are we a bunch of banshees.

So here’s to my peeps. Time to step up the character development. Time to pull up our pants. Time to make our mothers proud! We’re 25 now!

Mary King


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