The haters of health care |

The haters of health care

Dear Editor:

My, my. The rhetoric over a proposed health plan has gotten vicious. Town meetings are being attended by hate gangs. I guess, mostly Republican and some Independents who did not vote for Obama. It seems to boil down to “I got mine, you get yours” – somewhere else (not in America?)!

Let’s try to back off the emotions and look at this objectively. Here’s what I see: Forty-eight million Americans without health insurance. This number grows monthly as we see hundreds of thousands of layoffs. One third are children. I repeat, one third are children without health insurance. I don’t know how the “hate gangs” and “naysayers” feel about our less fortunate brothers and sisters who can not deal with a health crisis. I’ll bet that within a year this number will be well over 60 million without insurance. They must rely on the emergency rooms. Some die on the floor. The rich are to pay, as they should. This is not an attack on the middle class (for a change).

Guess who has jumped into the middle of this debate … yes, it’s sister Sarah Palin, no less. She has pulled out of thin air the notion that the government (meaning U.S. citizens) will want to create a “death panel” to decide treatment of people that require special attention such as her “down syndrome” baby. Has sister Sarah gone nuts? Or, is this the beginning of her campaign for the presidency in 2012? Remember her response to her lack of world knowledge? Russia? “Oh, I can see it from Alaska.” Just what we need – another “air head.”

Newt Gingrich has also a lot of “nasties” to spiel. He is the warm-hearted guy who served divorce papers on his wife with cancer at her hospital bed. I hope she had insurance and is still with us.

As the richest nation on earth, how can we not have health protection for the less fortunate in our country?

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Hey, “hate gangs,” go home. Naysayers, let’s have an intelligent exchange.

May God bless America.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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