The GOP’s about-face |

The GOP’s about-face

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the “Comment” section in Saturday’s Aspen Times featuring Dorothea Farris and Frieda Wallison. I was particularly interested in the statement by Ms. Wallison that “[i]n many instances government spending creates winners and losers by moving resources from one sector of the economy to another.”

This is precisely what happened in the Reagan and George W. Bush presidencies. The rich were given tax breaks and the federal debt ballooned. It is now up to the middle class to pay for the debt. Wealth was transferred to the rich, making the middle class the “losers.”

Mr. Bush never vetoed a spending bill. The budget surplus of the Clinton presidency was soon turned into a huge deficit. Now suddenly, the Republicans have become fiscal conservatives and don’t even want to extend unemployment benefits for those workers who have lost their jobs.

Gerry Terwilliger


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