The GOP train has left the station |

The GOP train has left the station

Dear Editor:

For those whining losers who are unhappy they lost the election and want to take their ball and leave, we should make it easy for them to secede.

Texas, Alabama and Florida also should take Arizona with them and rid us of the most corrupt, voter-suppressed and inefficient states. We keep the Grand Canyon to protect it from drilling and Arizona’s newly elected bisexual representative, Kyrsten Sinema – we need progressive thinkers to reach across the aisle.

You keep John McCain (you need a secretary of warmongering) and Jan Brewer (she can appoint herself governor for life). You get Florida Gov. Rick Scott; you’ll need a chief of voter suppression. Keep Allen West for your all-time class idiot and Mitch McConnell as secretary of obstruction. You have so many more – Ann Coulter, John Sununu, Rush and, of course, Karl Rove as your master of lies, manipulation and evil.

Take along for your prez and vice prez Donald Chump and Sarah Palin. And the next time you get whacked by a hurricane, call Dick Cheney and Halliburton to clean up the mess.

There’s a train heading south, so don’t be left behind. Free rides to the station (no tipping required).

Brian Sledge

Snowmass Village

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