The good doctor and some bad talent |

The good doctor and some bad talent

Dear Editor:This is in response to Mr. Jennings’ comments regarding Hunter S. Thompson (Letters, July 26).Mr. Jennings. Your comments regarding the “Good Doctor” were well-thought-out and well-delivered.How dare you compare Hunter S. Thompson to that no-talent waste of space! Lindsay Lohan should not have even been used in the same sentence as the “Good Doctor”! To compare one of the great literary minds of our time to Dennis Rodman does nothing more than confirm my suspicions that you clearly prefer talking out of you rear end as well as thinking from said orifice!I could be wrong. I mean, you, yourself, have so many modern-day conservative public figures to admire. Such as Rush Limbaugh! Wow! Now here is a real upstanding pill-popping public figure. I could go on for hours pointing out Bill O’Reilly’s recent track record, but The Aspen Times will only accept 500 words or less.In short, perhaps more of your shallow existence would be better spent actually reading Mr. Thompson’s literature rather than watching “E!” News. You might then stop talking out of your ass.TJ GleaveAspen