The future of schools |

The future of schools

Dear Editor:

When schools don’t have money they have to close. Unfortunately, students or other people don’t care if the schools don’t have money or when they are about to close, because people think it is not their business or why should they care. But they are wrong. When people don’t care about the schools closing, the children would not have a good education, the education they need to have.

There are two to three solutions for the schools to keep going and not having them close. One of the first things people should do is that they should start caring and start understanding what the problem is and what is causing it. We need your help to help the schools because most every student who goes to college is the world’s future, and without them the world would be getting worse.

Another thing that will save the schools is if the economy gets better because the students need the money to pay supplies the school needs for us to study. Many teachers are getting fired because the schools do not have enough money to pay all the teachers in all the schools. In order for us to have the right education we need teachers, but they can’t get paid like they used to. Schools also needs many supplies; for example, we need paper, books and other important supplies.

Another thing is that not only adults need to help, but students too. The way that students can help is by using and writing on both sides of a paper and recycling, just to save paper, money and trees. If a student has to send an essay paper then they could just send it to their teachers’ e-mail so then they don’t have to print and waste paper for nothing, so it’ll be better to just send them in their e-mail unless the teachers say they want it printed; but otherwise just send on e-mail.

Just remember with all this information about school budget, I hope you have an idea about what’s happening so we can all make a better difference for education. Always think about your kids and other kids too, those kids who want to keep studying to have a better future, our future.

Janet Membreno, Patsy Cortes, Yeira Carrillo

Students, Basalt High School

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