The fray of Frey vs. Paussa |

The fray of Frey vs. Paussa

In Jim Paussa’s disjointed letter of Oct. 24 he strongly implies that my spouse was the real author of my published response to his earlier epistle of misinformation. What was he thinking? Or, more precisely, was he thinking?

I am a writer by profession. I love words. Why would I need a ghost writer to substitute for me? Would Jim, as a professional photographer, allow his name to be affixed to a photograph someone else had taken? Hardly.

If Jim is surprised by the tone of my criticism of his catalog of errors, he should know that I care deeply about improving both the educational resources and the intellectual climate of the midvalley. The library plan I support so passionately does just that.

I will not remain mute when that plan is so badly misrepresented by Jim and his well-funded compatriots who are more concerned with location than with enlightenment. The Library Board’s plan addresses the greater good of the community, and that community stretches far beyond Basalt’s town limits.

I appreciate Jim’s declaration that I am loved in Basalt and that I do not have a “mean bone.” And, likewise, I have never found Jim to be “mean.”

But he is reckless in his assumptions and careless with the facts. For example, he needs to revise the end of his last letter: The midvalley is not expected to gain “20,000 more … residents.” The number, Jim, is 8,000. “Let’s get it right.”

Ruth Frey


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