The fourth of july in Aspen: A true adventure |

The fourth of july in Aspen: A true adventure

Jeanne McGovern
The Aspen Times

Welcome to the jungle …

No, not the Amazon or the concrete jungle of a big city. But trust me when I tell you, Aspen on the Fourth of July can be a jungle.

Really, you’ll get all the exercise you need just navigating the streets of town by foot or on bike (again, trust me when I tell you this is not a day to be driving a car in downtown Aspen).

For the true athlete, the day generally begins with the Boogie’s Buddy Five race. Others, like myself, will opt out of the run to get a few moments of solitude on a hike with the dog.

Then it’s parade time. Whether you’re marching with a group, waving from a float or sitting on the street spectating, the parade can feel like a marathon. A fun marathon — with candy and water guns and laughs all around — but still, it’s a marathon.

After this, the choices are plentiful: Get some exercise? Go to a picnic? Roam the streets? No matter your decision, you will be walking and talking and expending plenty of energy. The town, as stated, is a bit of a jungle.

Later, as evening sets in, the pace slows — slightly, very slightly. And for just a few hours.

Because when the sun has set, the party picks back up — live music, street parties, fireworks. Bang!

Yes, the Fourth of July in Aspen is truly an adventure. And you don’t need a passport or a backpack to enjoy it.

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