The follies of ‘Newt Gangrene’ |

The follies of ‘Newt Gangrene’

Dear Editor:Newt Gingrich for president? The country could then claim a succession of two of the greatest fools in its political history. Newt led the right-wing takeover of the Congress and promptly produced the “Contract On America” that started to dismantle every achievement in the U.S. government of the past century. The government social and economic safeguards that were an inspiration to Americans and the basis for advances in societies throughout the world were put under attack.Not satisfied with wrecking havoc on our institutions, they went after their opposition ruthlessly. Clinton and his government braced under a constant barrage of trumped up investigations and right-wing press and radio assaults that culminated in the impeachment proceedings. Gingrich led the forces of impeachment even as he, and other Republicans, were deeply involved in their own adulterous affairs.We now stand to reap the harvest of his and the other right-wingers efforts. We have a perpetual war that serves to fatten the defense industry and starve all other government programs. Consequently: Education is in the tank; national infrastructure is trillions in arrears; average incomes fall behind inflation; our manufacturing base has been dismantled; social programs likes Medicare and Social Security are set for failure; global warming has been ignored and peak oil threatens to collapse the civilized world – just to mention a few little problems.As usual, Newt “Gangrene” spouted a constant stream of inanities (like using FedEx to track illegal immigrants) with 100 percent certainty and conviction. Doubt, let alone the possibility of error, appears foreign to his mentality. The newspaper reports said he received a warm welcome and applause. Sadly, he did not receive the hotter greeting and send off he deserved: tar and feathers.Patrick HunterCarbondale