The finishing nail in Aspen’s coffin |

The finishing nail in Aspen’s coffin

Dear Editor: I would like to take the time to thank a local who is helping keep the Aspen spirit and feel alive, despite the ever increasing trend to sanitize our mountain town culture.Nancy Scheinkman’s tireless organization, production and promotion of events like Thursday’s NESPA Video and Art Awards help keep at least a little of Aspen’s old-school ski-bum irreverence around for locals to enjoy.I think most long time locals agree that the feel and character of Aspen when they moved here is definitely not what the more recent arrivals will ever understand. The loss of places like the Tippler, Maxfields and Thunderbowl/Schwanie’s (hell, ALL of Highlands) seems to have significantly set this town on a path to homogeneity, or what I would call “Vail-ness.” Ouch. The potential loss of the Isis, Explore, Red Onion and already scheduled Cooper Street will not be the final nail in the coffin; the coffin has long been sealed shut. It will be a finishing nail on the molding of one of the most beautiful coffins you would ever see. Bentley’s, J-Bar and Little Annie’s are the pall bearers.So when Nancy and her colleagues continue to grow an event like NEPSA, I feel we all need to stop and thank her, the Aspen Skiing Co., the artists and filmmakers and whoever else is responsible for reviving, if only for a moment, that feeling we had when we were in our early 20s and first arrived in Aspen – “God I love it here.”Wendle WhitingAspen

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