The fiesta’s over |

The fiesta’s over

Dear Editor:

First, let me qualify this review by saying that I have been a regular lunch and dinner patron at the Cantina for more than six years. I travel to Aspen regularly, and always made it a habit to eat at the Cantina every single time I am in town (sometimes as many as every single night).

I can trace this affection all the way back to my initial visit. I remember being completely turned off by half of the restaurants in Aspen for various reasons. I was honestly on the verge of ordering room service! But then a very knowledgeable local friend of mine recommended the Cantina. The whole experience swept me away; the food was amazing, the service impeccable, and the greatest treat of all, I felt like part of something. Six years I have been coming to the Cantina and reliving that initial buzz!

I have befriended many locals over the past six years and was disappointed to hear that the management at the Cantina had changed. I figured that nothing would really change, however, because the Cantina was such a staple in Aspen. Upon my latest visit to Aspen, my friends refused to visit my favorite restaurant with me. I was displeased to hear the noxious reviews but simply had to see it for myself. Instead of walking in and getting a hug from Adam or Darren, some expressionless man stood at the front door staring at me. The atmosphere seemed bleak and unrewarding, so I walked to the bar. I certainly recognized the bartender from the many conversations we shared in the past. I asked him about the rumors, and he quickly shied away from the topic. When I asked him if I could buy him an old-time shot, he sadly explained that the fun that was once associated with the Cantina no longer existed.

The new management ran the fun out of the place. I was disappointed at the death of what was a wonderful Mexican restaurant. Ironically, I cannot count the number of people I have managed to drag in there over the years. I can honestly say that I will no longer be returning to the Cantina. It is not what it once was.

I am sure that the management will soon realize that, since taking over, the quality of service has gone downhill and the place is empty compared to the massive amounts of locals and want-to-be locals that used to hang out there nightly.

Nick Harrison


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