The fast and the furious |

The fast and the furious

Dear Editor:

To the black Jeep flying down the highway to the intercept lot: I’m so very, very sorry that I made you swerve around me into the HOV lane and back again, while forcing you to blare your horn to make me aware of just how upsetting this was for you. When I got onto Highway 82 at Aspen Village, I could just make out your headlights back in the distance; foolish me, I assumed that I had plenty of time to get up to the 55 mph speed limit.

I’m so glad that you made it to the intercept lot without any other drivers in front of you driving at the speed limit. I’m also so happy for you that the sheriff’s car you sped past at 80 mph didn’t ruin your day with a ticket. Merry Christmas!

Gail Mason

Aspen Village

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