The end of the drug war? |

The end of the drug war?

Dear Editor:

The business aspect of prohibition is the main reason our drug war has gone unabated for decades. We have 2.3 million people in our prisons and county jails – more than any other country in the world. Our prison industry is gigantic. Police officers, judges, attorneys – many subsist from the misery created by the drug war.

Also, pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions in revenue if marijuana were legal. They have a lot of influence in Washington, and because of these combined forces, it might be a few more years before we see a profound change in our drug laws.

If this world were run by computers, or automatons, pure logic would dictate that marijuana is a relatively benign herbal drug, one that should be placed in a category that is appropriate for such a drug. However, we are humans with intense emotions, avarice and prejudices. Because of this fact, logic is distorted, and millions suffer because of our innate human flaws.

Once we stop jailing our fellow citizens for using plants as medicine, feeling good or spiritual awareness, we will have made true progress as a species.

Greg Patchick

Oakland, Calif. (formerly of Aspen)

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