The elephant in the room |

The elephant in the room

Dear Editor:The Roaring Fork Club expansion proposal keeps rolling on. This in spite of the fact that no determination has been made that it conforms to the Basalt Master Plan or that it is legal to approve the proposal.Meetings continue to be held. Last week, the residents of the Pan and Fork [trailer park] were invited to review a portion to where they might relocate. Next week, citizens are invited to an “open house and forum” to comment on it. The council and P&Z have held a number of joint meetings.It’s a clever strategy of the developers to keep working this proposal piece by piece. That way, when they get to the vote on the project, everyone has a lot of time invested which would be wasted if It was to be denied. They would also plead that they have invested so much money that they are owed an approval.First, they requested a finding that the property could be annexed. They have specific groups buy into parts of it and that results in a constituency. Council and P&Z look at certain aspects of it. Architects, realtors and contractors come out in support of it (remember the “planning bad, development good” statement from this group?). All the while, the elephant in the room, the master plan, is being eaten one bite at a time.Gerry TerwilligerBasalt

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