The Dreyfuss dialogue |

The Dreyfuss dialogue

Dear Editor:On the Bill Maher show the other night, Richard Dreyfuss, the actor, gave the audience an incredible breakdown on the need for civics in our society. He pretty much took over the show and gave a very cogent lesson on civility in politics and where it has to start. You can watch his comments (and I encourage all teachers and parents with a heads-up) by going to and looking for the article on Dreyfuss, and there is a link. He maintains what we need in America for our debate on the war, the economy and the partisanship is a quiet room. The classroom is a possibility; it can be quiet if the material is good. If you are wondering how we got to the sound bite, check out this show; if you are wondering what happened to democracy, check it out. You will be amazed at Richard Dreyfuss’ points. It is the philosophy of democracy on a TV show, for heaven’s sake. Andy HansonAspen Highlands

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