The dream of peace |

The dream of peace

Dear Editor:

I just read the letter from Barb Forrest in last Tuesday’s Aspen Times, and to be honest, it was like a breath of fresh air in the never-ending exchange of letters between Sue Gray and myself (and others). Simply stated, she believes that everyone should have the right to live in peace. She didn’t resort to false claims and obviously biased statistics, nor did she malign any particular group. She merely espoused a goal (respecting human rights and ending aggression) with which anyone would have trouble finding fault.

I would point out that she suggests punishing only one of the two participants in this struggle by withholding foreign aid. The Palestinians, Fatah, and Hamas in particular, are just as guilty of abuse to their fellow Palestinians, and they receive very substantial foreign aid as well. It also might be noted that their bellicose Arab neighbors have contributed very little of that aid.

Sue would merit Ms. Forrest’s respect if she were limiting her letters to an expression of her opinions. However, her letters strive to create an illusion of facts and history that are simply not true. I would like to think that Sue might learn from this – that supporting a cause you believe in can be a good thing if that support doesn’t have to be propped up by a house of cards.

I believe most of us on both sides of this issue desperately wish for, and are advocates for, peace in that region; a peace that would give the Israelis a normal life and give the Palestinians and their children a future they could look forward to. I indeed welcome Ms. Forrest to that group.

Buster Feldman


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