The downside to density |

The downside to density

Dear Editor:In response to Mr. Blanchard, Freed, Lipkin and associated trade associates’ “honest mistake” regarding demands from Whole Foods (“Willits developers shopping for density,” July 18), we’re next spinning a backdoor claim of the increased density at Willits because it “helps make Willits Town Center vital and active 24 hours a day.”I admit they have done a wonderful, well-thought-out, pricey development in which Basalt has no doubt benefited from. Can’t you see it now and forever? A 24-hours-a-day Jug & Suds aptly named “El Je LoDo Farmers Market Street Autobahn Petrol.” I’m feeling the residents (not businesses) surrounding the project will eventually long for a wisp of quiet for a few lamp-black hours of the night. Pigs on the wing.C.O. BaileyEl Jebel

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