The dangers of fluoride |

The dangers of fluoride

Dear Editor:

OK, so Jon Busch has upset another person who holds fluoride as another cherished health item that we can’t live without. I won’t personally attack or ridicule anyone. I will try to present new information that has been researched since 1968.

Enough has been written about the unscrupulous and deceptive history of how sodium fluoride has found a way to be subsidized into our water systems. Don’t forget that this substance in the Merck Index, the bible of the pharmaceutical industry, states that sodium fluoride is used primarily as a rat and cockroach poison. Anyone thirsty yet? And don’t forget to read the fine print on your tube of toothpaste that warns that if the ingredients are ingested that you should call a poison center to be treated.

Independent scientific evidence over the past 50 plus years has shown that sodium fluoride shortens our life span.

There is increasing evidence that aluminum in the brain is a causative factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence points to sodium fluoride’s strong affinity to a chemical bond with aluminum. It then has the ability to trick the blood-brain barrier and allows this chemical access to the brain.

Damage to your bones caused by fluoride is accepted by many. This is demonstrated by the millions of people suffering from skeletal fluorosis. This is a crippling bone disease caused by too much fluoride and is characterized by abnormal bone growth and calcification of the joints.

It should be realized that fluoride accumulates in the body. An argument is that the amounts ingested in the body are small. It does accumulate over time. This may make it difficult to differentiate this from other forms of arthritis and difficult to ascertain the direct effects of fluoride.

In 2006, the U.S. National Research Council (NRC) identified that skeletal fluorosis was an adverse effect of too much fluoride.

Fluoride is actually linked to bone fractures. In the NRC review, concern was expressed that fluoride could decrease bone strength and increase the risk of hip fractures. Irregular mineralization may also be caused.

In a University of Toronto study, which was done in 2001 but not released until 2010, a group of people were measured with hip fractures versus people without hip fractures and it was found that there was a high correlation of fluoride in the bones of those with hip fractures.

A University of Iowa study suggested that fluoride may be causing bone changes long before bone fluoride concentration reaches significant levels later on in life.

More independent studies are showing an increased risk to our health. There are correlations to cancers, learning disabilities, and numerous chronic health diseases which are plaguing our country. We already have enough pollution in our air and water and our overall health in this country is deteriorating.

While some may believe that it is important, some of us may disagree that we need to put this toxin in our bodies. There are numerous ways that people can get fluoride if they choose to do so.

It is my opinion that putting fluoride in our water is mass medication without consent. I also think that it is polluting our water. Having this forced down our throats completely goes against our right to choose what we put into our own bodies.

Tom Lankering, D.C.


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