The dam is bursting |

The dam is bursting

Dear Editor:

Oh, boy! Double barrels: both of today’s Aspen newspapers contain fingers pushing my buttons. It appears that the town boards of both Aspen and Carbondale are about to ban plastic bags; and, Deborah Bradford writes a letter objecting to the paving of the Rio Grande.

Help! I feel like the little Dutch boy who put his finger into the hole in the bursting dike.

Ever since its inception, I have regarded Aspen’s Canary Initiative as feel-good window dressing; and, since its inception, I have regarded the Rio Grande Bike Path as an impediment to true regional transportation. Rather than banning plastic bags, how about banning private jets from Sardy Field? And, rather than paving the Rio Grande, how about just putting the rails back?

(Wait a minute: I think I hear a scraping sound as they move the deck chairs on the Titanic. And, is it safe for me to pull my finger out of the dike yet?)

Jim Breasted


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