The cost of fear frenzy |

The cost of fear frenzy

The self-righteous media mavens have done it again. In their desperate effort to create world crises which they can milk endlessly, they take one sick cow and cause 30 countries to quit buying American beef. Thousands of packing house workers are losing their jobs and the already hard-pressed ranchers are taking another hit.

I remember when one tainted grape caused the dumping of thousands of truckloads at great economic loss. Then there was the apple/Alar scare, and the Rocky Ford cantaloupes, and the cranberry thing. None of these hyped scares turned out to be anything, but the economic and job loss was enormous.

I hate and despise the fear mongers that create economic disaster, call it news and then flip their pads shut and piously walk away. I also agonize that millions of Americans are so easily suckered. I, for one, am going to post the Ten Commandments and eat a couple extra steaks. So there!

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle