The contribution of elders |

The contribution of elders

Dear Editor:

In response to Paul Andersen’s piece of Sept. 1, “The Legacy of Spellbinders,” I say warmest and huge thanks. Fortunately more and more people are concerned about the lost heritage of elders in our culture as the guardians of wisdom, as storytellers and as mediators, and wonder how to restore them to their traditional place in the culture.

Our youth-obsessed society, both in Aspen and nationally, sabotages the honoring of all stages of life, devalues the great contributions that elders can make, and certainly does not inspire the goal of living fully to the end.

I wonder how many folks know that more than 50 percent of the population of Pitkin Country is over 60. Spellbinders offers a way to stand with grace and dignity as elders.

Imagine a world, perhaps more peaceful and harmonious, where more elders were storytellers and more children were the gleeful beneficiaries of those stories, where both generations build bridges together to more connected and stable communities.

Jackie Merrill


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