The circus is coming to Snowmass Base Village — literally |

The circus is coming to Snowmass Base Village — literally

Staff report

Acrobats, equestrian showmen, performing canines and clowns will show off their greatest feats under a big-top tent in Snowmass Base Village this summer when the Zoppe Italian Family Circus comes to town.

The circus is the newest addition to Snowmass Village’s summer events calendar, with performances scheduled for Aug. 28 through 30. Tickets go on sale June 1.

“The Zoppe Italian Family Circus is the latest addition to an already phenomenal lineup of events for Snowmassive Summer 2015,” said Rose Abello, director of Snowmass Tourism. “This fun-filled event appeals to all ages and offers yet another way to enjoy Snowmass this summer.”

Founded in 1842, the circus’ legacy is kept alive by the seventh generation of Zoppe family performers. The Zoppe Italian Family Circus is a traditional European circus with artists performing in the same interactive style their ancestors entertained families with more than a century ago and is one of the last family-run, one-ring traveling circuses in the United States, according to a statement.

Giovanni Zoppe, a sixth-generation circus performer, stars as the main character, Nino the Clown. Tosca Zoppe, an equestrian ballerina, and the dogs of Carla Zoppe and her husband, Rudy Heinin, make up the main family acts and show favorites. Tosca Zoppe’s husband, Jay Walther, performs as Papino, the ringmaster of the circus.

“We try to touch every emotion during the show,” Giovanni Zoppe said. “They’ll laugh, they’ll cry and they’ll feel for the characters. It’s more of an event than a show.”

The Zoppe Family Circus performs to sold-out audiences in Chicago and New York. Snowmass is part of its 2015 Colorado engagement that runs Aug. 14 to Sept. 7.

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