The change you voted for |

The change you voted for

Dear Editor:

Fellow Americans,

Witnessing the tally of election spending by the Obama Organization, and thanks to a bevy of 527’s and 501’s with supporters like Soros, Lewis and Buell we seem to have bought ourselves quite a “change.”

Watching the debacle unfold in Minnesota has left me with a profound sense of sadness for my country. So many people voting for leaders based on some kind of media-induced frenzy leaves me very unsettled. Giving a majority Democratic Congress a 9 percent approval rating, then voting in even more of them … what am I to make of the outcome? I can understand inexperienced, star-struck young voters casting for an attractive, charismatic media darling, promising everything to everyone, but short on anything approaching the experience to do so. Not to mention plenty of shady associations, a slew of recycled-Clinton administration appointees, and leaders like Reid, Pelosi, Frank and Dodd. But those of you old enough to remember the Carter Administration, what excuse do you have? You may very well have placed us on the path to a whole new Government-Welfare/Industrial Complex.

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It’ll be quite a change, I guess. Well, you own it now, and I must caution, “you should be careful what you wish (hope) for.” Like we have for the last eight years, for the next four years you will have to put up with 48 percent of us referring to the new president as “your president.” What goes around … like maybe your chickens have come home to roost. For my part I am going to try very hard not to rub it in when the euphoria wears off and reality sets in. I’ll try hard not to write “we told you so.” But I will ask if this is the “change” you voted for.

Rich Wontor


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