The challenges keep flying |

The challenges keep flying

Dear Editor:

Re: “Old versus young on the ice,” letters, Sept. 26…

We may be older but yet wiser, we may be slower yet smarter, but we have one thing that you will never forget: “team tradition.” We have things you may be shocked at during our Oct. 20 encounter for the benefit of the Right Door Project. So we are counting on you to show up. We are waiting for the match with our sticks held high, with our retired jerseys all washed and our skates nice and sharp.

Your claim of our old age and how ancient the equipment was when we played is truly unreal. We have been around since the age of the age of the electric skate sharpener, the Zamboni, and indoor ice arenas, but have you heard of the Puckers’ unknown secrets? The playbook our coach John and Squatty used ” where was that? Or the Puckers on “The David Letterman Show” ” is this true? Who were the “seven who survived,” “Rubber Legs,” the “Cone Heads,” the “Hanson Sisters,” or even the “Power Shopper”?

So you have had claim to the Stella Cup by the way we invented ” who was the “Babysitter”? Find out on Oct. 20 at the Aspen Ice Garden.

You all think you know about road trips? Check out our travel miles to Minnesota, nationals, China, Boston (Harvard) and the Antarctic playing against the Penguins, which was the largest ice rink ever.

Our jerseys are washed, the skates are sharpened, the sticks have fresh tape on them (and hopefully the tape has not changed).

Just add up all the years of hockey playing on our team, and we hit 1,000-plus years. Can you claim that?

So we look forward to our meeting of the greatest and smartest Puckers versus the Puppy Puckers, which is to benefit the Right Door: Hockey for Homeless, Oct. 20, at the Aspen Ice Garden.

Mary Sloop, Basalt

Rachel Dayton, Carbondale

Teri Christensen, Basalt

Monda Birkholtz, Basalt

Cathy Crum, Aspen

Jan “Murph” Kanan, Old Snowmass

Judy Byrns, Old Snowmass

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