The Catholic church’s pedophile scandal |

The Catholic church’s pedophile scandal

Dear Editor:

The Encyclopedia of Psychology explains that the usual distribution of acts of pedophilia fall out at the rate of 66 2/3 per cent against young girls and 33 1/3 per cent against young boys.

However, as has been reported, acts of pedophilia committed by Catholic priests defy this distribution and heavily favor such acts against young boys. Thus, while it may be said that not all homosexuals are pedophiles, it must, nonetheless, be said that most pedophiles within the Catholic clergy seem to be homosexual.

Among legitimate and classical educated psychiatrists and psychologists, the condition of homosexuality remains a serious spiritual, moral and intellectual disorder. Its origin lies first in nature, which then requires development by nurture. That is, each of us is predisposed at our earliest age to, shall we say, a bipolar condition of hetero/homo sexual development.

But among those fortunate of us who are blessed with male and female parents who recognize the importance of “nurturing” (developing) our predominant sexual characteristics, we turn out as God Himself intended us to be.

Upon returning to Genesis, God created them male and female (Adam and Eve) and intended them to be one in a marital state. Anything other than this is pure nonsense dreamed up by secularists who remain essentially ignorant of the true purpose of the male/female condition.

In summary, priestly celibacy has nothing whatsoever to do with homosexual pedophilia as evidenced by the condition described above. Catholic Church leadership has certainly been deficient; but it is an absurdity to deny one’s continuing Faith In God due to this unfortunate condition.

Therefore, one needs to be reminded that we attend mass to worship God and not the priest, bishops, or the Pope.

Art Allard


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