The case for fluoride |

The case for fluoride

Dear Editor:

In The Aspen Times July 2 issue Jon Busch accuses Torre of making an unhealthy choice in promoting Aspen city water (“Hardly healthy,” letters). Unlike his usual rants about fluoridated water, Jon now cites an actual fact – that sodium fluorosilicate does come from China as it is a byproduct of aluminum production and that is one of the many things we hardly do anymore.

By implication, Jon insults Aspen’s fine water technicians who have been testing the material for lead and other contaminants. Understandably Jon cites the CDC as he wouldn’t know that the last statement they made about fluoride (F) was deemed so flawed that Herschel Horowitz, DDS, who ran F for NIH and was our internationally known F expert, had his name removed from the CDC paper.

The CDC F policy was flawed as it had been largely written by foreign trained dentist members of a cult who believe F to be only a temporary topical treatment and not also a built-in-for-life tooth nutrient as recognized by the IOM since 1968 and the FDA since 1973, and as demonstrated in the scientific literature for over 70 years. There was no 5-year study; only the opinions of toothpaste and sealant salesmen and a revised report from 28 years ago. The cultists have been able to subvert the dental division of the CDC because of the amount of money the hugely profitable topical industry (Uni-Proctor-Palmolive) give to our dental schools and to the industry lobby, and as physicians know about F only what dentists tell them.

Fluoridation and children’s vitamin-fluoride supplements have made the U.S. the world’s leader in prevention and are both under attack by persons who will bring us down to the level of their native countries. Reducing fluoridation by 30-40 percent will allow them to declare in a few years that the difference between F communities and non-F communities is no longer significant and we should cease fluoridation and just buy more toothpaste, although the use of adult F paste in young children is inappropriate. The dental association/industry lobby/cultists and the nut cases will win over time, and the U.S. and especially the children will lose.

William D. Glenn, M.D.

Snowmass Village

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