The bullies of Aspen |

The bullies of Aspen

Dear Editor:

I’ve recently noticed a spate of letters to the editor defending those damsels in distress Elizabeth Milias and Marilyn Marks. It’s nice to know that even the lowest of life forms have friends.

Milias, Marks and their pals are the face of a shiny new breed of “Aspenites” who are apparently so used to getting their way, they can’t imagine a world in which they don’t. Their method for getting things to go as they wish is common and can be observed from playgrounds to Congress – it’s called bullying. These types of people don’t do much of anything for themselves, so they do most of their bullying by proxy – they hire lawyers.

The lawyers think this is grand, as they charge by the hour.

These folks and their lawyers bully the people we elect and try to bend them to their will, and when they won’t bend, they try to recall them, recount them.

They try to bully the newspapers that serve the community. Threaten to sue when they see something they don’t approve of, something critical.

They try to bully the people of the valley. They’d just as soon see us do our jobs and then get on a bus to Rifle, get out of their sight and keep our yaps shut.

When perfectly reasonable people such as Bruce Berger and Andy Stone write something vaguely critical about them, they flip out. They can’t stand it. If they can’t handle Berger and Stone, then it’s my turn.

I think your daddy must have told you how to handle bullies, and he was right. If we let these people push us around, we deserve exactly what we get. They are the absolute worst of the 1 percent. They hate everyone who doesn’t kowtow to them.

In a letter to the editor, a particularly nasty piece of work, Elizabeth Milias despises Jack Johnson for more reasons than I can even go into. My personal favorite, though, is that she seems to hate him for not being wealthy and having to work for a living, and that attitude is clearly shared by her cronies. One of them seems to hate Johnson because he may or may not participate in the right winter sports. I sincerely hope that every single person in this valley who gets up in the morning and goes to work takes note of their attitude and responds to them accordingly.

I’m sure Johnson is intelligent enough, along with the others who are on the receiving end of the Marks/Milias mini-machine’s barbs, to file his letters under “fan mail” and maybe even give some work to the valley’s fine framers. They look great up on the shelf next to bowling trophies and those pregnancy sticks that come up negative.

In tallying the number of Marks’ and Milias’ supporters, I have yet to use up all the fingers on one hand, but that’s OK – I’m saving the best finger for last.

Michael Cleverly

Woody Creek


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