The Buddy Program is making a difference |

The Buddy Program is making a difference

Dear Editor:

After working at the Buddy Program for nine years, I am still inspired and amazed by the positive relationships that volunteers in our community and Buddy Program staff make every day with our valley’s youth.

Whether Buddy Pairs are attending one of our free educational activities, giggling and playing Uno over lunch at school, or a group of Latino youth are navigating Moab’s canyons and rivers – our programs are making a difference!

Young people’s lives are touched every day as they grow in this ever-changing landscape that is our town, valley and our world. If it weren’t for the funding from the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund, organizations such as the Buddy Program would not be able to do the work we do today – serving more than 600 youth annually. Whether you support our youth, our seniors, our rivers or our land, be sure to mail in your ballot by Nov. 1 and vote yes on question 1A to support Pitkin County’s Healthy Community Fund.

Update your address to ensure your ballot gets to you with the Pitkin County Clerk today.

Lindsay Lofaro

Program Director, the Buddy Program

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