“The Broth-el” in Aspen opens this week

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times
"The Broth-el" food buggy, positioned in the corner of the Hyman Mall, will serve chicken and beef bone broth, ramen, mac n' cheese and hot beverages.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times |

A former Aspenite and two business partners are bringing the bone broth trend to town via a new food buggy opening this week.

A 40-square-foot food cart at the corner of the Hyman pedestrian mall in front of the Art Tee Gallery will house “The Broth-el” through April, co-owner Emily Whipple said Monday.

“I kind of wanted an excuse to move home, and these guys wanted to live in a winter wonderland for the season,” Whipple said, referencing The Broth-el co-owners Stephen Thayer and Steve Bowler, both of whom live in the Northeast.

“We felt it was the perfect location and vibe to start this company.”

The consumption of bone broth for health benefits became a “big food trend last year,” said Whipple, noting its prevalence in cities such as New York, Boulder, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

She said the process of boiling the bones in water for an extended period of time extracts a slew of nutrients from both the bones and the marrow.

Consuming bone broth is said to help improve joint health, bone strength and the immune system, among other health advantages, Thayer said.

“A lot of professional athletes drink it because of the benefits to ligaments and cartilage,” he noted.

Whipple said The Broth-el is sourcing meat “as local and organic” as possible, starting with chicken and beef.

“We’re hoping to maybe expand to using bison and buffalo or other local fare that coincides with what people are used to eating around here,” she added.

The Broth-el, slated to open by Friday, also will serve ramen, macaroni and cheese and hot beverages such as coffee and hot chocolate, Thayer said.

As of Monday, the owners said they were “still playing” with the menu’s pricing.


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