The biggest bear buffet of all |

The biggest bear buffet of all

Dear Editor:So Pitkin County is going to put some teeth into their bear proof trash container law. Maybe those in charge can chew on this a little:The other day my son and I took a load of old Lodge Pole pine rails to the landfill; the cost was $320 (the guy said he’d give me a deal). That was quite a shock in itself, but we paid and got on about our business. As we were unloading we began to notice bear tracks pressed into the mud all around us. Wow, what a sight it was. It got us to thinking, “wait a minute, they can’t be in here. Isn’t everyone supposed to lock up their trash? Isn’t it illegal or at least finable to leave garbage accessible to bears?” As we looked around at what we estimated was maybe 50 tons of garbage the discrepancy became almost comical.Imagine mom and the three baby bears coming over the hill from Snowmass Creek or Wildcat and stumbling into the unfenced unlocked, Pitkin County landfill.”Right on Mom, you’re the best! Look at all this stuff!””Yeah Mom – it smells like fish eggs and crab legs and what’s this in a Ruth Chris napkin? Prime tenderloin!””Dig in cubs – this is one place where the officials let us eat all the gourmet garbage we could ever want.””Yeah, but what about Uncle Bert? He was eating garbage in town and got shot in the butt with a dart gun and when he woke up he had a pair of tacky, matching yellow, numbered, ear rings?” (STRIKE ONE)”Oh yeah, and remember the second time he got shot in the butt he woke up in that round steel thing and everyone was staring and poking at him and then he took “the long ride”? (STRIKE TWO)”Whatever happened to Uncle Bert?”Pitkin County, you get the picture. You’re maintaining the largest unsecured garbage buffet in the county. Bears probably get their first taste of world class table scraps at your dump. How dare you threaten to give me a ticket for not locking my garbage when your dump is the worst culprit of all?I can only wish that my $320 could go to another bear study and we could find out once and for all if those bear tracks that we saw were from garbage grubbing bears or maybe they were just up there dropping off some trash after hours, trying to save a little dough.If Pitkin County really wants to put some teeth in their bear proof container law maybe they should look in their own backyard first. The recent death of the bears in and around town lies as squarely on Pitkin County as anybody else. I think its’ time to fence the dump.Oh, by the way, I’m in the fence contracting business. Give me a call – I’ll give you a deal. I’m at 948-6169.Larry RatherOld Snowmass