The best publicity is free |

The best publicity is free

Dear Editor:

Aspen, America’s richest town, was featured in the Wall Street Journal this Friday, March 4. Mayor Mick’s bigger-than-life size glands will get bigger after he reads this. Money cannot buy the sort of publicity Aspen gets starting back in time to the Goethe Centennial and the FIS ski championships.

For 60 years, this resort has always gotten coverage that money cannot buy. But money buys our real estate, it talks and lots of rich folks listen. Remember that Kenny Boy Lay of Enron fame once owned three local properties and it’s no secret that he died here. Newsmaker Charlie Sheen started to make news here at Xmas. Paying to get Aspen in the news is bloody nonsense.

If you disagree, try turning the free news off.

KNCB Moore

Santa Barbara, Calif.