The best path to success |

The best path to success

Dear Editor:Enough B.S.! All I have heard is how great it will be to have a valley-long trail for cyclists and peds. While I continue to ride the dysfunctional RFTA that takes 1 hour and 20 minutes from Carbondale, there is still no plan for a commuter train. Soooo, we make bike trails that no one uses in the winter for commuting, and now the powers that be want to deny Ride the Rockies use of this trail for a nonrace ride.A train was the only option for the mining companies that began mining Aspen hundreds of years ago, but it is not good enough for the modern-day jackasses that call themselves City Council. Now you say a bus lane from Buttermilk to the roundabout will save 10 to 15 minutes per bus … again B.S. But that is another letter to be addressed in a few days. Back to the trails.Ride the Rockies is a fun ride for all level of bikers, and not a race. What is the difference of those riders being on a 4- to 5-foot-wide trail and the shoulder of Highway 82? Answer: safety and quality of their ride. The trail is much safer and pleasant than the shoulder of a highway. If you’re going to blow smoke up my Asspen about the need for a bike trail and the cost of tearing up rail track, then it should be a no-brainer to let Ride the Rockies use this path that my tax dollars and other funds went into building.Lets cut the B.S. and pull our heads out of our Asspens! If you do not allow them use of this trail, then I suggest that Ride the Rockies boycott this valley of B.S. and go ride elsewhere in an area that is more receptive of their goal and grateful for tourist dollars that they bring with them. They do ride with their wallets, and even spend money. So why not give them the best and safest path to success? Enjoy your trail, and I will continue to suffer on the bus.John NormanCarbondale

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